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Stop me if you’ve heard this one before. You’re on deadline for a work assignment, term paper, filing your taxes, etc. You sit down at your trusty desk, hoping an upright posture at a piece of furniture meant to spur productivity will help you get the job done. Instead, you find yourself staring blankly at the wall or taking a Buzzfeed quiz to find out what 90s fashion accessory matches your personality (I’m a snap bracelet, obviously). Finally, you pull up a playlist on Spotify or delve deep into a weird Pandora station to get some tunes going, and suddenly, you are in the zone.

For many people, music helps facilitate productivity. So why not combine the power of music into the piece of furniture that’s sole purpose is to make you do work? That’s the idea behind the Symbol Audio Desk, the ultimate workspace for those who need a designated place to work and those whose productivity is fueled by the power of music. The sleek writing desk has a raised compartment built directly into the desk’s rear that contains two full-range drivers with titanium cones and a down-firing sub-woofer hidden behind sliding doors. This built-in speaker system provides rich, crisp sound and deep bass to keep productivity levels up and deter falling asleep on the job.

The sliding door cabinet containing this robust speaker system is ported and dampened to achieve the best possible sound quality, while managing all of the cables to conceal unsightly wire entanglement. Equipped with a stereo input jack, any of your music playing devices can be connected to the Symbol Audio Desk to get it pumping tunes and dropping bass. Symbol Audio Desk also grants you full control of the volume and bass levels via controls and knobs. And as the cherry on top, the aesthetically pleasing writing desk/speaker hybrid is available in four attractive finishes: oak, cherry, maple and walnut.

Available for purchase on, the Symbol Audio Desk is a bit of an indulgent purchase. Okay, it’s $4,000. But, for writers, freelancers and home-office drones, you could purchase this and probably get a sizeable tax write-off for it, especially if you desperately need an unchained melody to help keep you productive. As both a writing desk and sound system, the Symbol Audio Desk can help you work hard and play hard. Just think of how cool a novelty like a writing desk with a speaker system will be for your next house party when it’s pumping out the soundtrack.

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