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The annual conference and festival South by Southwest (SXSW) celebrated the convergence of the film and music last week. With interviews ranging from Buzz Aldrin to established singer T.I., it was an eventful week filled with great people and great food! One of the biggest attractions was the sighting of Amazon’s  long awaited delivery drones.

The e-commerce giant unveiled two of its Prime Air drones in Austin, Texas this past week. Being the first time ever displayed to the general public, crowds gathered to feast their eyes on the delivery of household items, goods, and basic necessities. Unfortunately, attendees stood disappointed as Amazon did not perform any test deliveries nor even a single flight at the festival.

Photo via NBCNews

Photo via NBCNews

Protection and safety were not only written up for flight, but also for showcasing the drone itself. Encased behind glass with a security guard nearby, the drone gleaned elegantly with bright white lights shining over the next-gen of technology. With 8 rotors to provide enough lift to carry a package and also provide for redundant safety measures, it seems like the drone could carry up to a shoe box sized amount of goods.

Amazon is not the only tech giant to feature drone deliveries. Companies like Google, UPS, and startup Matternet have all experienced staged drone deliveries in recent years, but we should expect a few more years of development for delivery fruition.


With the FAA mandating certain rules/regulations such as prohibiting drones from flying outside line of sight, delivery along far distances has hit a road bump. In addition, technological advances in batteries have also tapped out at roughly 20 to 30 minutes before needed a recharge. Without addressing the pressing issues at hand, drone deliveries will slowly move along. Regardless, the thought of having a brand new pair of shoes delivered the same day to your door step via air transit is revolutionary and breath taking!


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