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Rumors are swirling like those supposed delivery drones which we’re still waiting for that Amazon has its sights set on dominating another industry: music streaming. According to a report from CNBC, the online retailer is within striking distance of launching an as-of-now-unnamed music streaming platform. Sources within the company estimate a late summer or early fall launch for the service. It would appear all that’s standing in Amazon’s way is finalizing some pesky music licensing agreements in order to offer a “competitive catalog of songs” – they’ll want to get those right, lest they face the wrath of Taylor Swift like Apple Music did.

Amazon Prime already has a music store and free streaming catalog of its own, but this latest rumored service will be completely standalone, positioned as a rival to other platforms like Spotify. With a speculated price tag of $10 a month, Amazon’s service will be directly in line with its competitors, though it’s unclear whether their platform will offer any innovative features as a way of getting users of already popular services to jump ship, or pony up for an additional music service subscription. One idea that’s catching fire is that Amazon will aggressively tie this service and the marketing of it into that of their Echo speaker, which has been wildly successful for the company.

“A music service will further increase the daily interactions between Amazon and it customer base,” Jay Samit, former music executive, commented in regards to Amazon’s standalone music streaming plan. A comprehensive music platform is a crucial step for Amazon to take, furthering their role as an Internet one-stop shop by capitalizing on the growing popularity of music streaming services and consumption. Amazon has a deep and loyal base of users, much like Apple, so it’ll be interesting to see just how fervent they remain when this service inevitably launches. Still, for it to catch on and even begin to rival Spotify, Apple Music, and even Pandora, Amazon will have to bring something truly exciting to the table.

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