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If drones have a blatant Achilles’ heel, it’s their relatively meager battery lives, which provide, if generous, somewhere in the range of a half hour of flight time before they need to come back down to Earth for a recharge. Let’s face it – there’s really not a whole lot you can accomplish in under 30 minutes, beyond just zipping around trees and maybe taking a few photos. Realizing the sheer detriment of this issue, Airobotics has developed a landing platform for drones that will instantly swap out the aircraft’s battery, serving as a brief pit-stop, rather than a full-blown recharging session, for drones so they can quickly continue hovering amongst the clouds in the sky.

The Israeli startup developed this end-to-end autonomous drone system as a way of broaching the perceived impossible: non-stop, 24/7 drone flight. The Airobotics Airbase employs a robotic arm that swaps out a drone’s battery so it can get back to doing what it does best, without having to wait around and endure those annoying recharge times. This system was specifically created to survey and monitor drone activity in industries such as natural gas, mining and oil, but can be utilized by pretty much any drone doing any duty. Beyond just gassing up your drone, the Airobotics Airbase is an effective landing and launching platform that can also change payloads as well.

“Thanks to the system’s dynamic, swappable payload mechanism design, partners can create new payloads that integrate new sensors and other tools to the drone,” Ran Krauss, CEO of Airobotics, said. “The Airobotic’s software is both a complete operating system and an open platform, designed with scale in mind. Third parties can build and customize the payloads, along with software apps, to support and manage various new missions.” This customizable, open-ended software makes data processing, flight scheduling and preprogrammed mission planning for drones much simpler to execute. Check out the Airobotics Airbase in action below!

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