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Like most people, you probably have more than one favorite song. You might have a few spread across multiple genres, ranging from lounge house to indie rock.

The Aether Cone understands your complex taste in music. It also knows that what you listen to in the morning is completely different from the tunes you play before going to sleep.

“It’s understanding it’s morning in San Francisco, and it’s a Monday. And last Monday I asked for this, and listened to this,” highlighted Duncan Lamb, Aether’s chief product officer.

Aether Cone black and silver

It Delivers Only What You Want to Hear

The smart Wi-Fi speaker is designed to stream music according to your lifestyle. It uses machine learning and compiled data from a pool of sources, such as personal ratings and music streaming services, to accurately guess what you want to hear next.

To control the audio stream, the Cone uses light gestures. Turning the speaker to the right will cause it to play the next track. Twisting to the left repeats the song currently playing on the device. Finishing through with the motion will serve up an experimental track. Direct Bluetooth connection from a handheld machine (smartphone, tablet or computer) is available, in case the speaker is unable to connect to a Wi-Fi network.

Voice Commands

Users can also initiate requests using voice commands. The device comes with Nuance’s industry leading voice recognition technology, a system that processes basic phrases into actions. It can play tracks based on artists, albums, singles, podcasts and radio stations.

Unlike other smart devices, the Cone functions as a standalone player, without relying on a dedicated smartphone app. However, the official app for iOS and Android does serve a purpose. It is used for manual controls and searching. The digital panel provides useful information on content and artists. Basic music management features can also be accessed through the app.

Multi-room Capabilities and AirPlay

Multi-room features allow individuals to sync several Cones together for a superior auditory experience. You could have one in every room of the house and the backyard, as long as all the speakers are connected to the same network. Such options are ideal for gatherings and small parties.

“We’ve found Cone has already become a loved, integral part of many homes, with people enjoying Cone for an average of two hours once they settle into a preferred sound. With multi-room and Bluetooth, we’re able to introduce new features to Cone that we’ve seen customers request without requiring anyone to buy anything new,” said Johanna Vater, Director of Brand Marketing at Aether.

The music player also supports AirPlay for the iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Mac or computers running iTunes.

Aether Cone on table

Where Can I Buy This?

The Aether Cone is currently available on the official website for $399. You can also order the speaker from the following online stores: Amazon, Urban Outfitters, Houzz, and AHAlife. Retail options include DataVision NYC and Selfridges London.

When it comes to color options, individuals can choose from black and copper or white and silver.

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