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Stunt videos have changed over the years, breaking out of the house and backyards. These videos have gone viral. Stunt clips have been shot from the deepest trenches of the earth’s oceans, to our planet’s upper atmosphere. As these have grown and changed, so has the tech recording them.

If you’re going cliff diving, taking your bike off a ramp of questionable design, or jumping from a plane thousands of feet in the air, you’re going to need the proper equipment to capture your insane feat of dynamo. Below are some of the best action cams available.


GoPro HERO4 Black

The first option for adrenaline junkies and daredevils alike is the crown jewel of action cameras, The GoPro. With their latest iteration in the series, the GoPro Hero4 Black, they have set the bar for the industry as a whole. The Hero4 brings the highest resolution of its kind, at 4x 1080P. The Hero4 is also capable of taking 13mp stills at bursts of 30 frames per second, so you never miss that perfect moment. All new low light settings also help for adventurers who take to the trail, seas, or skies at night. Dozens of different mounts and cases can help you find the right setup for you, for an added cost of course. GoPro also has its own free app allowing users to view and control their action cams from a tablet or smartphone! If you have $500 laying around, this is definitely your go to action cam!


SJCam SJ5000

SJCam is not as well known as GoPro, but still packs a punch at a fraction of the price. With various accessories included, this camera pays for itself without even getting to its specs. Unlike the GoPro, the SJCam comes with a waterproof housing and various mounts for your handlebars, frame, or tripod, and much more.

Aside from being a great value, this little off-brand camera brings the tech goods as well. Unlike the GoPro, it features a 2 inch Ultra HD screen on the back for easy viewing and video playback. It is capable of recording at 1080p for 70 minutes straight, and is capable of shooting in burst and timelapse modes as well. One pitfall however is its slo mo capabilities, which max out at 480p at 60 frames per second. This camera lacks bluetooth as well, and requires WiFi to wirelessly download videos to your mobile device. At 139.99, this camera is definitely a viable option for those on a budget.


Eyeshot Full HD

For those into more rugged sports, the Eyeshot Full HD Action Camera may be a viable option. This compact action cam is not only waterproof but shockproof as well. With it’s superior Panasonic sensor  it can take 16mp stills that rival or even surpass the GoPro. The Eyeshot also features wifi capabilities for downloading and viewing recorded video.

Unlike the GoPro, it comes with a remote in the form of a watch, that lets you not only view what you are recording, but also control the camera. The watch is almost as robust as the camera itself, as it is waterproof up to 60 meters. The entire package comes with various accessories such as a housing and suction mount.


Replay XD Prime X

Regarded as one of the best GoPro alternatives on the market, the Replay XD Prime X will run you roughly $290. With a simple physical interface, users can get shooting with ease. It also includes a Hyperion CinePrime X Lens and CineAR Anti-reflection coatings and superior chromatic correction, which help deliver a cinematic look and feel. The Prime X can record for 3.5 hours at 1080p and can hold 128GB worth of footage on miniSD.

It’s full aluminum body is sturdy, and waterproof even without purchasing a housing. Users can also control the camera via android or iphone app. A suction mount comes with the camera as well as a few other accessories. With its high quality recording capabilities and robust design, this camera can definitely take on the GoPro.

Screen Shot 2015-07-13 at 2.15.31 PM

If you’re going to keep those cameras rollin’ you’ll need some juice. Compiled below are some of the best portable chargers to keep all of your favorite devices powered on the go!

Bestek 400A

The Bestek 400A charger is definitely a must buy for those who spend their time off the beaten path! Not only can this device charge your mobile devices and cameras, but it can also jumpstart your car! And not only once but 10 times over on a full charge! The 400A also has enough juice to charge your phone 5 times over. It also features multiple USB inputs for your other favorite devices. If you find yourself in an emergency situation, this portable charger also features an LED torch and strobe light. For just $80, this is a great buy for anyone who spends long amounts of time in the great outdoors.


JOOS Orange

The JOOS Orange charger is solar powered, for an endless power supply. This is perfect for long trips and filming sessions that may take longer than expected. It is also waterproof and can even charge when submerged in water. Featuring various ports, users can charge phones, tablets, cameras, and other handheld devices. This unit not only stores energy, but also can charge directly while in sunlight. At $149 this rugged solar charger is definitely worth a look.


Photive BOLT

Finally, the Photive BOLT is one of the most rugged portable chargers I have come across. The body features water tight ports and a shockproof housing. This tough exterior can easily survive a bad drop, mud, snow, sand or water. Its 9000 mAh capactiy can charge handheld devices a few times over at high speeds. With multiple USB ports, users can charge two devices at the same time, keeping cameras and phones juiced up at all times. At a mere $40 right now on Amazon, this can’t be passed up.


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