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Like a kamikaze shot, vodka brand Absolut is blasting its way into the Internet of Things sector in efforts to revolutionize and improve upon their customer experience. And when one thinks of vodka and a heady, abstract technologic apparatus, they naturally think of Stockholm, Sweden as the place to host such a venture. Absolut has installed a global IoT demonstration unit at its headquarters in Stockholm where a variety of products and devices are all connected to test and initiate new advertising and customer experience initiatives, as well as establishing a platform that encourages consumer feedback.

Partnering with IoT agency SharpEnd on their one-of-a-kind facility, Absolut is currently offering eight different demonstrations exploring and highlighting how the latest in technology can open up new revenue streams for brands and companies. After all, nothing places dollar signs in the eyeballs of corporate honchos like the promise of increased profit. “This centre allows us to continue to test the future of engagement and make sure we are staying up to date with the latest technologies and how these fit into consumers’ lives,” said Markus Wulff, digital growth manager for Absolut. “We appreciate that the future of the bar, home and store are all going to be connected.”

As for how Absolut is utilizing the Internet of Things to peddle its spirits, it all harkens back to the bottle. With a showcase that displays a bottle connected to the IoT, Absolut was able to integrate third-party services and applications that will cause the bottle to change colors as one is pouring out vodka to match the cocktail it’s going into while a playlist will cue up on Sonos speakers to fully enhance a vodka lover’s pre-game. Meanwhile, the “Homelife” demonstration helps connect consumers (aka drinkers) with drivers when disaster strikes: the vodka ran out or there are no limes left for Moscow Mules. With its groundbreaking use of IoT tech to cater to the best possible customer experience, Absolut deserves a glass or five raised in its honor.

Absolut Internet of Things

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