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You’ve never seen a device like this before. The Flyte Light is a levitating, innovative light bulb that will turn heads and capture hearts.

Read on to find out how this device can transform any room it’s placed in and why you should order one today.


How Does It Work?

The Flyte Light makes use of two components to send electricity to the bulb and keep it floating in the air.

First, wireless power transfer technology developed by Nikola Tesla is applied to a transmitter and a receiver that are within close proximity from each other. For this device, a safe 5V is used to power the bulb. Touching the pad or the bulb is completely harmless and shouldn’t make your hair stand up.

Next, magnets are strategically placed on the base and inside the bulb to keep it in place. Setting the light in the middle of the pad will automatically activate the magnets, and if the device is on, transmit power to the bulb.


Premium Pads

The minimally designed base is composed of natural oak, ash and walnut. It can blend in almost any type of space, from an office lobby to a cozy living room. A premium, diamond-shaped pad is also available for those who are looking for something edgy.

In line with Flyte Light’s features, turning the unit on is also a magical experience. A capactive touch sensor allows individuals to tap the corner of the base to switch the bulb on. When the device is off, the bulb remains suspended in the air.


Wireless Phone Charging

When you’re not using the pad to power the light, you can leave your phone on it to charge wirelessly. For consistent charging, mobile devices should be placed flat on the base. The technology that makes this possible is an internal induction coil that sends power through the pad.

The following mobile phones are compatible with the wireless charging feature: iPhone 4, 4s, 5, 5s and 6; and Samsung Galaxy S3, S4 and S5.

Safety Features

The Flyte Light is great to look at, but what happens if someone accidently pulls the plug? In case of a power outage, the bulb is designed to make a clean landing on the base. The light is also shatterproof, which is perfect if you have pets or kids running around the house.

Technically, owners would never need to replace the bulb. Thanks to energy-efficient LEDs, you should be able to leave the light on for 12 hours a day for 11 years. In the event the light gets lost or suddenly stops working, users can order one on the Flyte website.


Where Can I Buy One?

Individuals who can’t wait to get their hands on the Flyte Light can order one from the company’s Kickstarter campaign. Based on the product timeline, shipments will begin between October and November, assuming everything goes according to schedule.

Most of the early bird pledges are gone, but the other packages are still worth the price. A standard Flyte Light costs $249 (comes with a lightbulb, AC Adaptor and wooden base). Those who want the sleek diamond-cut wooden base will need to shell out $529. For hardcore early adopters, the ultimate $6,200 pledge lets you tour the workshop in Stockholm, party with the crew and levitate stuff.


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