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Yes, you read it right. The lowly, humble garbage bin that sits forlorn in one corner of the kitchen is about to get a status makeover. If the makers of Indiegogo project GeniCan can pull it off, the trash can will do more than just gobble up everything that you chuck in it. It will create your grocery shopping lists, alert you when it is full, and help you save on grocery expenses by sending you discount coupons. So are you excited? Do you think GeniCan can turn the trash can into your able personal assistant?

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But first, here’s how the GeniCan will work. It is a small device that you can fix on the side of the trash can. You will toss a lot of things into the garbage can, so if you are afraid of damaging the device, you can fix it somewhere nearby from where it has a view of what goes into the bin. The GeniCan is a scanner that scans the bar codes on all that you throw into the bin. It then creates a shopping list out of the items and sends it to your smartphone.

GeniCan also has a voice recognition system. So you can “talk” to it to add items that don’t have bar codes on them, like fruits, vegetables, and flowers, to create another shopping list.


The makers of GeniCan have plans to integrate the app with grocery delivery partners who can then send you coupons based on your shopping preferences and even deliver the goods at your doorstep.

Can you believe it that the garbage can will get all these things done, and you won’t even have to lift a finger?

But do you think the GeniCan will simplify life for you? Do you see life-transforming convenience in a device that prepares your shopping list and tells you when you need to take out the trash?


The GeniCan certainly works for those who want to welcome the Internet of Things into their homes and don’t want the trash can to be left out. Yes, the GeniCan certainly takes you a step closer to the technophile’s dream of living in a “connected” house. And it also works for that segment of the population, if there ever was one, that cannot create their own grocery shopping lists or doesn’t notice when the trash can is full!

However, you certainly cannot ignore some benefits of GeniCan. It will save you trips to the grocery store. You will not only save time and gas but will also not have many opportunities to spend impulsively.


But for many others GeniCan is one more gadget that they can do without. How many people do you know who complain about having to write down their grocery shopping lists with a pen on a paper? On the other hand, there are many people who will cringe at the mere thought of shelling out hundreds of dollars on a gadget, its charger, and a Wi-Fi connection just for the “convenience” of not having to write down the shopping list.

The GeniCan also won’t excite the minimalists who don’t want to clutter their lives and smartphones, if they at all own one. But they have probably passed up this write-up by now.

The GeniCan will definitely excite the gadget geek, but it seems that it isn’t exactly ripe with possibilities that will bring out the wows from all and sundry.

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