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Wedding photography has become its own genre – and there’s a reason for it. Weddings are special, intricately planned, one time events. Unlike other styles of photography, there’s no going back for a do over so it’s especially important to be prepared for any obstacles that may arise. Whether you’re a new photographer or a well seasoned expert, the following tips to help you capture the bride, groom, and guests as best you can without making any easy-to-avoid mistakes. How many of these tips are you using today?


  1. Before the wedding, ask who will be the “Photo Wrangler” for those big family photos. Make sure you introduce yourself to that person. They’ll be invaluable time savers as you try to get everyone organized.shutterstock_17206612
  2. Have constant light source like an Ice Light when shooting in dark halls or hotels. This will give you more control by allowing you to light specific parts of your shot. A flash will light up the whole room and that may not be what you want. An Ice Light is great for detail shots, like candles on the dining table.shutterstock_17197912
  3. Pack a telephoto lens to stay out of the action for more organic shots. Take advantage of a telephoto lens’s shallow depth of field and zoom from afar for unposed, candid shots. A 70 – 300mm will do you well.  It’s perfect for close ups of the bride and groom while you stay out of the way.shutterstock_243797539
  4. If you expect rain, bring your own fun umbrella for the couple. You know what? Bring it even if you don’t expect rain. Get a big clear one or colorful one that matches their color scheme. (And don’t forget one for yourself either!) shutterstock_96096149
  5. Bring a wide angle lens: Some shots call for getting up close and personal. Pack a wide angle (probably 16-35mm) to get in the action during the after party. Additionally, make sure you shoot close when the happy couple is signing the wedding contract. shutterstock_166986128
  6. Pack a unique lens like a tilt shift to add some variety. You may not have been asked to shoot with something a little different, but the bride will be pleasantly
  7. Getting dark? Play with slower shutter speeds for some great motion blur and a flash to freeze motion. A long exposure of an outdoor wedding can capture some great energy and maintain image quality event when lighting is sparse.shutterstock_327156473
  8. Carry your gear’s weight on your hips and not your shoulders. When you’re shooting, a Peak Design Clutch Camera Hand Strap  for your second camera can save you from discomfort. Make sure your camera strap is comfortable too!cl-hero
  9. Always give photos to vendors that you work with. Networking within the business can (literally) pay off.shutterstock_370959881

Oh! And don’t forget to bring an extra pair of clothes. You never know what can happen between changing weather conditions, an abundance of wine, and awkward shooting positions. You don’t want to be caught in a situation like photographer Christine Zona, of Zona Foto was: “One time I totally ripped my pants in half. The seams came apart. Keep an extra pair of clothes in the car in case that happens. It was no joke. I could fit my entire head in the pants. I took my suit coat off and tied it around my pants.”

Originally published on Honeybook.

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