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We juggle career and family, make time to check social media updates, stay on top of current events, and find time to fit in a workout. Balancing a sundry of personal and professional obligations often leads to skimping on sleep. Then, when we do finally do get to bed, stress—the fallout of an always-on existence—keeps us tossing and turning.

This affects our health—physical, mental, and emotional, and thus we plummet in this downward spiral. So what can we do? Sleep more effectively. Here are some of the more efficient sleep-tracking devices on the market right now, to track and hopefully get you some more Z’s.

1. SleepImage

SleepImage is a specialized wearable designed to keep track of everything that goes on inside you when you are asleep. It records heart beat, breathing volume, and even snoring! Sophisticated algorithms calculate how deep or light your sleep is, how many times your sleep was disrupted, and if you breathe normally and freely while sleeping. Your sleeping positions throughout the duration of the night are even tracked. All of these elements can then be uploaded onto a HIPPA-compliant website to obtain a detailed analysis of your sleep.

The SleepImage churns out such comprehensive data that it is considered to be a cheaper alternative to polysomnography or sleep study, which is a battery of complex (read: costly) tests done in sleep clinics. A physician can even diagnose sleep-related disorders, if any, from the data recorded by SleepImage.

2. Microsoft Band

The Microsoft Band is not as pricey as SleepImage but it still throws up an impressive array of sleep data. The Band tracks how long were you asleep, sleep efficiency (how long were you asleep divided by the time you were in bed), the number of times you woke up, and the calories you burned.

The Microsoft Band is not just a fitness tracker that can monitor sleep, but rather exists in the league of smart watches. The device syncs with the Microsoft Health app to provide more details like how long did it take for you to nod off, how long did you sleep deeply, and your resting heart rate when you were sleeping. You not only get the numbers but also graphs that make reading and comparing easy.

3. Basis Peak

The Basis Peak is another stellar performer in the sleep-tracking category. It can automatically track sleep, courtesy the sophisticated Body IQ feature. So no data is ever missed. It records your light and deep sleep cycles and the number of times you are roused from sleep and then calculates the trends against your average. But these are what you usually expect from any fitness and sleep tracker worth its salt. The Basis Peak additionally records data like how much you have tossed and turned during the night and the duration of your REM sleep stage (the stage that is associated with dreaming). This device is also one of the very few in the market that provides real-time and continuous heart rate monitoring that is as accurate as a device strapped to your chest.

The Basis Peak can throw up such detailed and accurate data by dint of its powerful sensor that it’s as if it’s a part of your skin. But this does not make the watch uncomfortable to wear. In fact, the Basis Peak is not only technologically superior to its predecessors but also sports a leaner design.

4. Jawbone Up 24

If you prefer a little less data and a simpler device that is consistent and accurate, then the Jawbone Up 24 is for you. It is a fitness tracker that also records sleep data with the characteristic precision that all Jawbone biometric tracking devices are noted for.

The sleep mode is easy to activate and exit from. The device records sleep patterns, the duration of your deep sleep state, and how many times were you roused from sleep. People who have a history of disturbed and restless sleep can use this device to evaluate the results of their therapies.

We all hate being jolted awake from deep sleep. So Jawbone has (thoughtfully) fitted the Up 24 with a nifty feature—it detects when you are in the light sleep stage and gently wakes you up with a silent but vibrating alarm.

5. Withings Activité Pop

The Withings Activité Pop proves that beauty is more than skin-deep. Apart from being an activity tracker with powerful features, this device also has handy sleep-tracking features.

This very stylish fitness-tracker-cum-watch can automatically track sleep. It records your sleeping hours as well as the duration of your light and deep sleep stages and the number of times your sleep was interrupted at night. It has a silent alarm that nudges you with gentle vibrations, so you don’t wake up startled. It doesn’t matter if you forget to take it off before you leave home; the Withings Activité Pop won’t look out of place in the boardroom or at a cocktail party.

6. MisFit Shine

The MisFit Shine is one of the best and cheapest options amongst sleep-tracking devices. It is efficient and convenient to use. It automatically tracks sleep and provides details of your light and deep cycles. It has a sleek, lightweight coin-sized design that makes it convenient for wearing in bed. This bite-sized device is way ahead of competition when it comes to battery life; the hardy battery lasts about four months even with regular usage.

The MisFit Shine won’t dazzle you with features and sophisticated and detailed readings. But it is a handy device for someone who just wants to know how much he sleeps every night without shelling a fortune. The fringe benefit: the MisFit Shine is also a handy fitness tracker that does not sport a hefty price tag.

7. Jawbone Up Move

The Jawbone Up Move provides value for money. Period. It may look like a kid’s toy, but it means business.

It is a nifty activity tracker that also records sleep data like the number of hours you have slept and the duration of your light and deep sleep stages. Although there is no automatic sleep tracking, the device delivers what it promises: provide accurate data consistently. After all, the Jawbone devices are known for their precision sensors that churn out correct data. At this price, there is right now no other fitness tracker in the market that provides more data than just the number of hours you have slept. The Jawbone Up Move also has a robust battery life of up to six months.

8. FitBit Charge HR

The FitBit Charge HR wins rave reviews as a turbocharged fitness tracker, but is not too bad as a sleep tracker either. While it does not churn out a minefield of sleep-related data, it does track sleep automatically. So there is no need to push a button or tap an app to tell the device that you are off to sleep. The FitBit Charge HR also features a sophisticated heart-rate monitor that tracks data continuously. If you are a serious fitness fanatic but just want to make sure that you are getting your daily quota of beauty sleep, this is the gadget for you.



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