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What’s that straddling her wrist along with the Hermès bracelet? What is he wearing on his wrist above his Cartier watch? She’s wearing her FitBit, and it complements her elegant gown perfectly. He’s wearing his Vivofit, and it is not looking out of place in the boardroom.


Not all fitness trackers are burly, clunky pieces. Some are sleek, come embellished with precious stones, and double up as a piece of jewelry to go with a cocktail dress or tuxedo. And no, beauty is not skin-deep; the following 8 stylish fitness trackers pack in an enviable range of features as well:

1. Tory Burch X FitBit Flex


Fashion designer Tory Burch has collaborated with FitBit to launch a collection of uber-stylish accessories to dress up your plain FitBit Flex. The Tory Burch for FitBit collection consists of double-wrap and metal-hinged bracelets and pendants that encase the Flex. The bracelets and the pendants are made from brass, silver, aged gold, gold, or rose gold. Additionally, Tory Burch also offers silicone-printed bracelets that come in an alluring range of prints and colors.

The FitBit Flex is a nifty fitness general-purpose tracker that counts steps, distance, and calories and also keeps track of the quality of your sleep. A Tory Burch accessory can now transform your simple fitness tracker into a chic and stylish piece of jewelry that you will love to flaunt outside the gym as well.

2. Misfit Swarovski Shine


The Misfit Swarovski Shine marries sophisticated technology with high-end fashion to give you a fitness tracker that looks more like a piece of jewelry. The collection includes bracelets, wrist bands, and pendants studded with Swarovski crystals. And wait, this is not all! You can choose from clear or violet-blue gadgets, the latter being the solar-powered version.

The Misfit-Swarovski collaboration has pioneered a revolution in the field of fitness trackers with the “energy-harvesting crystal” technology. Under the hood of the violet-blue Swarovski Shine are solar panels topped with blue crystals. Blue crystals trap light most efficiently. The benefit: you don’t have to charge this Misfit Swarovski Shine ever again!

And beneath all the glitter and the glint, you have a competent fitness tracker that counts steps, miles, calories, and sleep (automatically); is waterproof; and keeps track of your progress against pre-set goals.

3. Mira Fitness Bracelet


The designers at Mira clearly had fashion uppermost on their minds when they designed this fitness bracelet. Yes, it is a bracelet; it is too beautiful to be called a band!

Aimed at the style-conscious diva, this device comprises a tracker that can be attached to a cuff bracelet in classy matte-finished Brushed Gold or rich velvety Midnight Purple. On the functionality front, this gadget can count steps, distance, pace, elevation, and calories; is water-resistant; and has Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity. Considering that the Mira fitness bracelet was designed to be a stylish accessory, it does an admirable job as a fitness tracker.

4. Wellograph Wellness Watch

Screen Shot 2015-05-15 at 5.35.31 PM

The “wellness” in the moniker says it all. The Wellograph Wellness Watch is designed to be more than just your companion at the gym. With a range of powerful round-the-clock activity tracking features and a classy, standout design, it has been crafted to fit into your wellness scheme and complement your lifestyle goals.

The Wellograph Wellness Watch features a dazzling sapphire quartz screen, a delicately-curved chassis that oozes sophistication, and a gleaming steel and aluminum finish. For all its beauty and sleekness, the watch is surprisingly robust. The sapphire quartz screen is scratch-resistant while the watch serves up quite a handful of data that catapults it to the category of some of the most powerful fitness trackers in the market.

The Wellograph Wellness Watch packs in an optical sensor and LED array to measure your heart rate. At up to 1,000H sampling rate per second, this device guarantees detailed and accurate data. It also crunches the numbers to show how your fitness level has changed over time. It analyzes your Heart Rate Variability to display a Readiness Scale that indicates if you can take up another activity or need rest. The watch also records steps, speed, distance, and intensity of movement via a 9-axis accelerometer, tracks data during cardio workouts, and logs sleep data automatically.

5. Samsung Gear Fit


The Samsung Gear Fit brings color into your life while keeping you fit, fashionably. It has a delicately-curved chassis that fits snugly on your wrist. You can also choose to dress your toy according to your mood or the trends of the season. The Samsung Gear Fit range features an array of interchangeable bands in vibrant colors.

Beneath its colorful exterior, the Samsung Gear Fit packs in functionality and stability. The device is dust-proof and water-resistant, which means you can wear it even during extreme sports action without worrying about damaging it. It has a heart rate monitor and displays incoming calls, texts, and other notifications prominently on the 1.84-inch Super AMOLED® screen.

6. Jonathan Adler X Vivofit


The Vivofit range from Garmin—Vivofit and Vivofit2—has got a chic makeover courtesy Jonathan Adler. The designer and the fitness device manufacturer have joined hands to turn the staid Vivofit fitness tracker into an accessory that you will be proud to flaunt on your wrist. You can choose a band with bright colors and vibrant prints (the Manhattan Module Bundle) or go in for one from their signature Style Collection in polished steel or black leather.

The Vivofit trackers continue to retain their basic range of functionality—counting steps, calories, and sleep—and their jaw-dropping 1+ year battery life.

7. Jawbone Up24


The Jawbone UP24 looks more like a chic bracelet than a fitness tracker. Sans a display screen, this toy doesn’t make it to the smart sportswatch category. But it doesn’t falter in the fitness department. It can track your steps, calories, active minutes, and sleep. It also, very thoughtfully, features a silent alarm that wakes you up with gentle vibrations without disturbing your partner.

But the Jawbone UP24 truly excels in the style category. Its thin bracelet-like buckle-less design and ridged and textured exterior look stylish without being extravagant. It suits men and women and gels well with both your workday clothes and party wear. The Jawbone UP24 is available in many different colors.

8 Withings Activité Pop

Screen Shot 2015-05-15 at 5.47.32 PM

There are some people who don’t demand much from their fitness trackers except that these make them look fashionable. The Withings Activité Pop should please them. The device looks more like a pretty watch than a fitness tracker; in fact, the Withings Activité Pop is nothing more than a fashionable pedometer that can also track light and deep sleep and keep you updated on your progress with your fitness goals. It detects sleep automatically and is water-resistant.

What it lacks in functionality, it more than makes up with its fashion-forward look. The Withings Activité Pop has a retro clock face and comes in a range of colors—azure, sand, and gray. With a silicone strap, it may not look like a designer watch, but it will definitely make you look like someone who is abreast with the style trends.

The above-mentioned gadgets are for the discerning fashion-conscious fitness enthusiast who wants to make a style statement whether he or she is sweating it out at the gym, turning heads at the party, or proving a point inside the boardroom.

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