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Stoffer Photography

Photo by Stoffer Photography

Photo by Stoffer Photography

John and Maura Stoffer have been shooting weddings together since 2008, but they never expected to fall in love with the art form. Now, they’re addicted.

Over the past nine years, the couple from Chicago has traveled all over the world documenting engagements and weddings with their signature, yet classic style. With a strong use of contrast, as well as bold, bright colors, every single photo stands out as an individual piece of art, but together, as a package, the images come together to tell the wedding story every couple dreams of.

The galleries they produce don’t just include the usual wedding portraits and moments we’re used to – they tell stories. Their engagement shoots feature couples picnicking on the beach or taking a drive to the woods in a red Volkswagen van. Every gallery contains a lot of movement, joy and candid moments. Looking at their photos is like reading a love story or watching two people fall in love – by the end, you’re left wanting more.

Check out more of their work here.

Ivan Zamanuhin

Photo by Ivan Zamanuhin

Photo by Ivan Zamanuhin

Ivan Zamanuhin is a Russian family and wedding photographer who takes on the elements through his photography. His fairytale like galleries feature shots of brides in white gowns standing against dark, stormy skies and couples kissing passionately in the pouring rain. With galleries set on the side of volcanoes, there’s seemingly nowhere he won’t go to get the shot.

His strong use of light and color, paired with expertly done work in post processing, at times, gives the photos an almost antique, film-like quality. The one word that comes to mind when looking at his images is “passion.” He captures the passion we have for life and love and the beautiful world around us. 

Check out more of his images here.

Hiram Trillo

Photo by Hiram Trillo

Photo by Hiram Trillo

Hiram Trillo has a knack for capturing emotions in a way that brings the viewer back to his photos again and again. From images of a tear sliding down a groom’s cheek the moment he sees the bride walking down the isle to children peeking out from behind a staircase banister to spy on the wedding preparations below – Trillo captures moments that make us curious to know the rest of the story.

His beautiful use of the environment is reminiscent of the work of professional photojournalists, while his creative use of composition and artificial light is more like that of high-fashion editorial photographers. Trillo has won numerous, well-deserved awards for his stunning photography, and his site is the perfect place to go if you’re looking for ideas and inspiration for your own shoot.

See more of his award-winning images here.

Photo Papi

Photo by Noa Papi Kedmi

Photo by Noa Papi Kedmi

Noa Papi Kedmi of Photo Papi is an international wedding photographer based in Tel Aviv with a strong documentary style of shooting. She has a special talent for taking seemingly ordinary, mundane moments – a couple walking down the street or fruit sitting on a plate – and turning them into stunning works of art. Her photos are bright and energetic and feature both the hilarious and touching moments of weddings and relationships.

The photos never feel staged or posed, as if she’s just there in the background, capturing the moments as they unfold – the proverbial fly on the wall. Looking at her photos makes you want to laugh and cry right along with the subjects in them. 

Check out more of her photography here.

Carrie King

Photo by Carrie King

Photo by Carrie King

Carrie King has a love for life’s most intimate moments and a special knack for capturing them on camera. Her beautifully romantic images feature portraits of brides under delicate lace veils, or slipping out of their floor-length gowns. She does an incredible job of capturing the love and intimacy between two people through portrait shoots that look natural rather than posed.  

Her work focuses a lot on the details – whether it be the details of the flowers in a bouquet or the beads on a necklace. She also shoots just as strongly in black in white as she does in color – a skill many photographers have yet to master. 

Carrie is based in Colorado, but is available to shoot worldwide. In 2014, she was named one of the best wedding photographers by MODwedding, and we can’t wait to see where she goes and the images she produces next.

See more of her romantic imagery here.

Georgia Johnston

Photo by Georgia Johnston

Photo by Georgia Johnston

Georgia Johnston is in love with love – and she’ll follow you across the world to shoot your wedding. When she was 19, this British Columbia based photographer started taking pictures with her mom’s 35mm film camera, and has been shooting ever since.

Georgia takes classic wedding photography and flips it on its head by adding her own unique point of view. She has a creative style and an imaginative way of shooting that many couples want for their wedding photos. Her work feature images that are literally flipped upside down, and multiple exposures that give standard portrait shots an added level of visual interest. 

See more of her unique point of view here.

Kirsty Mackenzie

Photo by Kirsty Mackenzie

Photo by Kirsty Mackenzie

Kirsty Mackenzie is an alternative style wedding photographer based out of South West London. She has a natural, laid-back style of shooting that focuses on the unique emotions of each wedding day. She loves the little “in-between” moments that happen before and after all of the big events. It’s those moments, she believes, that bring back the best memories.

All of her images are bright, fun, colorful and just bursting with joy and happiness. She has a wedding bucket list that includes all sorts of eclectic ideas, like a Wes Anderson style wedding, a treehouse wedding and a London asylum wedding. She’s a photographer who’s down to shoot all things fun and funky.

Check out more of her alternative style here.

Ítalo César

Photo by Italo Cesar

Photo by Ítalo César

Ítalo César is an Italian wedding photographer who combines strong documentary-style photography with incredibly composed portrait-style images. He has a talent for capturing both the joy of a wedding day and the passion and love between the couple.

His work features a lot of wide-angle, colorful portraits as well as detail shots with an interesting point of view. The images include everything from aerial shots of grooms tying their shoe laces to intimate faceless portraits of brides holding up flowers or showing off tattoos. Ítalo’s site is another great place to go for ideas on composition and angling.

See more of his work here.

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