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Marco Fardin

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Marco Fardin is an Italian wedding, family and travel photographer who has captured beautiful images of cities all over Europe. His epic, wide angle shots feature a unique perspective on some of the world’s most famous monuments, as well as spotlighting sights that are lesser known. His photography explodes with bright, vibrant colors and strong contrast.

Marco is skilled at including movement into his images – whether it be a bird flying over a cathedral, the silhouette of a person walking into a frame or a truck driving over a bridge. This added motion brings even more life to these historically rich locations.

Check out his Instagram here.


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Johannah is a Germany-based visual storyteller whose work is inspired by tones. Her beautiful images, that often focus on small, colorful details, will make you fall in love with cities you’ve never even been to. Her work varies from aerial shots of gourmet food to lone figures walking down dark alleys to close up shots of glorious flowers – but all of her images carry the same romantic and poignant tone. 

All of Johannah’s images are edited in a way that brings the focus to just one or two sections of the photo. Her work is characterized by deep, rich shadows and vibrant, dreamy highlights. Her Instagram is the perfect place to go for travel and photo inspiration, and reveals a sneak peak into a life we can all feel jealous of.

Check out her Instagram here.

Adwait Katkar

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Adwait Katkar is a photographer based in Mumbai. His images are quite simply breathtaking. His work captures an incredibly touching side of humanity, with images of Indian children playing in sprinklers and close, detail shots of old men smoking out of pipes. His Instagram is a wonderful place to go to be inspired or to simply be blown away.

Most of his work is led by a strong use of light and shadow. Many of his images have strong, deep black tones that are offset by striking highlights. His work focuses mostly on human subjects, but his images of objects are just as powerful.

Check out his Instagram here. 

Rudi Balasko

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Rudi Balasko is from Czechoslovakia, but photographs locations all over the world. Much of his work is made up of long exposure images of cityscapes at night, which feature strong, rich colors and vibrant lights that accent the photos. Rudi’s work is characterized by leading lines that bring you through the images, and eye-popping subject matter that keeps you staring.

His dreamy sunset landscapes are the kind that make you want to buy a spur of the moment flight to a far off country so that you can experience the beauty of the place for yourself. His Instagram is a great place to go if you want to get inspired to grab your camera and tripod and work on your long exposure photography.

Check out his Instagram here.

Justin Harrington

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Justin Harrington is a travel, portrait and event photographer based in Toronto, Ontario. He excels equally in both color and black and white photography, creating both types of images with a strong use of contrast. He takes simple, everyday objects – a flag, a building, even a wall – and creates something you want to keep staring at. His images include a wide variety of both landscapes and details, objects and people.

Many of his images are led by the subject’s form, whether it be the curve of a bridge or shadows on a sidewalk. He offsets typical building or basketball court photos by planting objects or people in the middle of them. Some of his most striking images are those he’s taken on the streets of America, offering a unique perspective of the land of free.

Check out his Instagram here.

Andrey Rogatko

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Andrey Rogatko is a travel and street photographer based in Moscow. He has a knack for capturing the touching and hilarious sides of humanity through his photography. His work includes powerful candids of people gazing out of bus windows, eating a solitary meal in an empty restaurant or immersed in their work.

Andrey provides us an insight into different cultures through the people he meets on the street. His portraits are reminiscent of the popular work we’ve all seen in National Geographic, featuring bright colors and strong compositions. The people he photographs display the huge range of human emotion, and offer a reminder of the similarity between different cultures all over the world.

Check out his Instagram here.

Yulia Denisyuk

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Yulia Denisyuk is a master when it comes to composition. All of her photos – whether they be of people, buildings or close detail shots – have an incredible sense of balance. She knows how to pair leading lines with pops of color to bring the viewer right into the photo and keep them there. Her images are bright, colorful and impeccably edited.

Yulia has a talent for capturing the pure beauty of a place, whether she’s shooting in Chicago or halfway around the world. Her Instagram is the travel diary we all wish we could have.

Check out her Instagram here.

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