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_c2k is a food photographer whose studio work is the stuff other photographers strive for. Her images feature a lot of Asian cuisine, all perfectly styled against clean, well-lit, white backgrounds. She shoots most of her images from a straight on, wide angle aerial view, allowing the impeccably placed, bright ingredients to speak for themselves.

She doesn’t distract from the beauty of the food with extra props, tools or place settings, which gives the dishes an extra fresh and healthy feel. Scrolling through her Instagram feed will make you want to get adventurous in the kitchen and try out your own dumpling or chicken teriyaki recipe.

Check out _c2k on Instagram here.

María C:

María C is a food blogger and photographer whose images will remind you of the delicious, hearty food your mother or grandmother used to cook for you when you were a kid. Her dishes include everything from strawberry pie to chocolate cake to meat and potatoes.

She’s also a master when it comes to styling her images, and knows how to work with colors to make the ingredients pop. Her Instagram includes a huge variety of angles and place settings, from straight on wide angle aerial shots of entire dishes to macro shots with a shallow depth that focus on a single ingredient. Check out her work for inspiration if you’re a food photographer who’s just starting out, or if you’re a pro who needs some new ideas.

Check out María C on Instagram here.

Marie of 8th and Lake:

Marie is a professional food photographer and blogger living in our very own San Francisco, USA. We love her Instagram because it showcases fresh and healthy dishes that inspire us to eat better – and then make us feel guilty when we realize we’re on our third bag of potato chips while scrolling through her feed.

Her photos include perfectly edited images of smoothies and parfaits that are so beautiful you’d feel guilty eating them. She’s a pro when it comes to placement and styling, shadow and light. She knows exactly how to add small details – a sprig of garnish beside a bowl or a knife in the corner of the frame – without taking away from the image or the dish as a whole.

Check out Marie on Instagram here.

Ashwin Nicholas:

Ashwin Nicholas is the master chef and food photographer of Blu Restaurant in Laos. He shoots his delectable looking French cuisine with a mirrorless camera, and uses natural light in a way that looks like a professional studio setup. When he’s not cooking and shooting food, he takes his camera out into the world and creates beautiful street photography – a style that comes through in his images of food.

His Instagram is not the place to go if you’re looking for ideas for tonight’s dinner, because the unfortunate reality is that his creations are far and above the abilities of most of us. However, his work is still worth looking at, drooling over and planning a trip to Laos for.

Check out Ashwin Nicholas on Instagram here.


Mos_Story makes us believe that it really is possible to create beautiful, delicious meals and stunning food photography in the comfort of our own homes. Mos’s food photography often includes people incorporated into the images, whether it be a person pouring coffee or a hand cracking an egg. The addition of people adds life to the images, and makes the food look that much more delicious and edible.

All of Mos’s work evokes a specific mood with a lot of dark shadows and gray backgrounds. With the use of almost exclusively natural light and place settings, you’ll be inspired to clean up your own kitchen and start documenting your meals, or to curl up in the comfort of your bed and enjoy a good meal.

Check out Mos_Story on Instagram here.


Fried.Wald is a food stylist and photographer based in Berlin, Germany, and the thing we love most about his work is that it’s all shot with his iPhone 6. He helps us realize you don’t need thousands of dollars worth of fancy equipment and studio lights to create interesting and appealing food photography.

His work is led mostly by the form and pattern of the food he shoots, like the repeating lines made by dozens of burger buns or the sliced mushrooms that border a bowl of risotto. His photos feature bright, contrasting colors and remind us that we can find beauty in even the most mundane food items – like onion skins and coffee foam.

Check out Friede.Wald on Instagram here.

Alina Sagirova

Alina Sagirova is a Ukraine based food photographer who has a beautiful, minimalist style of shooting. All of her food images feature one or two main elements with almost no extra props or styling. Her photos allow for the beauty of the ingredients to speak for themselves.

Her work has deep, rich contrasts, which allow the bold colors to pop against the neutral backgrounds. Her images will inspire you to see the artistic value in something as simple as a bowl of greens or a pan of corn stalks.

Check out Alina Sagirova on Instagram here.

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