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Janina Fleckhaus

Janina Fleckhaus is a German photographer based out of Hamburg and London. Her fashion photography has a dreamy, girl next door look that makes her work both unique and relatable. Her work is more street art than high fashion, which gives the impression that her models could be your sister, brother or best friend. A lot of her images have an antique, film-like quality to them with some experimental post-processing effects thrown in, which adds an even more distinct look to her style.

Her models rock a style that’s simple and comfortable – long skirts paired with high top sneakers and loose dresses worn over fitted tees. Her photos will make you want to grab your friends, go to the beach and create equally dreamy images.

Check out her Instagram here.

Georgia Wallace

Georgia Wallace’s bright and colorful fashion photography is totally off the wall, which is exactly why we love it. Her fashion shoots include bright, neon colors and wacky props from 3D glasses to fake hamburgers to baseball bats. She uses equally bright backdrops of yellow, blue and pink, making the clothing and props pop out even more.

Her models have a fun, edgy look that perfectly matches the style of her photos – women with short, multicolored hair and septum piercings and men with bright red hair or distinctive moustaches. Her Instagram will inspire you to think and shoot outside the box and get a little crazy in Photoshop.

Check out her Instagram here.

Jan Wiederkehr

Jan Wiederkehr is a Switzerland-based photographer who has a documentary style of shooting. His fashion shots don’t involve elaborate studios or extensive props or styling, but rather, they rely on the natural light and settings to carry the images. All of his work features a strong use of contrast with pops of color that bring you into the images and keep you looking.

His models include women with wild haircuts – from long, bright pink locks to neon blue buzzcuts. Most of his models are tattooed and rock a grungy street style, or almost nothing at all. With people as striking as the ones Jan shoots, he doesn’t need much else to make the photos look beautiful and iconic.

Check out his Instagram here.

Lynn Theisen

Lynn Theisen is a Berlin-based fashion photographer who is an absolute pro when it comes to high fashion head shots. It’s clear this woman knows her way around a studio and studio lighting. Her models rock props and makeup reminiscent of the members of The Capitol from The Hunger Games, with bright, multicolored eye shadows, heart-shaped eye patches and colorful head caps.

Her fashion work isn’t limited to the studio, though. She also shoots on location in the middle of busy city streets, amid traffic and pedestrians. These shots are especially powerful because they feature beautiful, strong women who aren’t apologizing for looking fabulous and getting in the way.

Check out her Instagram here.

Naelia Salas Amner

Naelia Salas Amner is a Barcelona-based fashion photographer whose images highlight the strength and power of feminine beauty. Her work includes images of women standing naked atop jagged rocks among flying seagulls and closeups of women’s faces with their messy hair blowing in the wind. Her photos are at once serious and high fashion, and then fun and relatable.

Her models rock funky outfits from unfastened overalls to patterned one piece bathing suits to white tees with the world “GIRLS” in bright red print. She’s another photographer who will make you want to grab your friends and create your own fashion shoot.

Check out her Instagram here.

Giuseppe Dante Sapienza

Giuseppe Dante Sapienza is a master when it comes to posing. His provocative images feature semi-nude men and women in elaborate positions, often half-hidden in shadow, with their faces often obscured. Most of his work is black and white, which increases the sense of mystery and romance even more.

His images are carried by light and shadow and form, rather than by props or elaborate outfits. His models are both powerful and sensual, strong and feminine. He’s a pro both in the studio and out on location, and his Instagram is a great place to go for posing inspiration.

Check out his Instagram here.

Alex Pedan

Alex Pedan is a freelance photographer whose fashion shots include a huge range of styles and techniques. This man is skilled in everything from high fashion studio headshots to on-location street style shots to more creative multiple exposures and long exposures. He’s even a pro underwater.  

His models range in looks from all natural, casual style to elaborate outfits and makeup. His Instagram is the perfect place to go if you’re looking for inspiration for your own fashion shoot because it includes such a huge variety of looks and styles.

Check out his Instagram here.

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