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Sam Dean

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Sam Dean’s adventure photography is the type of imagery that will make you want to turn off your phone, pack up your car and spend a weekend on the side of a lake. His photos includes stunning landscape shots of hikers scaling mountains at sunrise and beautiful details of fish and canoes.

Sam Dean’s work reminds us of a simpler life – one that doesn’t involve checking our emails or nagging bosses, but rather the times you made the perfect s’more or spent a morning enjoying a cup of coffee from the comfort of a hammock. So take a look at Sam Dean’s Instagram feed, then put your phone away and go off on an adventure. 

Check out Sam Dean on Instagram here.

Martin L. Tartar

Martin L. Tartar’s Instagram features a lot of rock climbing images with some of the most interesting perspectives I’ve seen in a while. He never misses a photo or video opportunity, whether he’s 35 meters up the side of a cliff or attached to a wake board. 

His work shows the joy and teamwork that goes into adventuring, from the relationships between climbers and their belayers to the group shots at the top of a mountain. His images are bright and colorful, and include some incredible shots of lit up tents under starry skies and eye-catching detail shots of rope, climbing shoes and wildlife.

Check out Martin L. Tartar on Instagram here.

Sidney James

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Sidney James Beck takes beautiful, minimalist pictures of his adventures in the wilderness. His images range from wide forest landscapes to close, detail shots of bait or cars. Sidney is great at incorporating people into his images and brings a sense of life and humor into his shots – whether it’s an image of a man holding a coffee mug in a snowy landscape or a group of friends having an airsoft gun fight outside of their tent.

His images also have a wonderful, film like quality with bright pops of color. He has an even bigger and more impressive collection of images on his personal website, which features a range of beautiful rock climbing images. After looking at Sidney James Beck’s photography, you’ll want to sell all of your possessions, buy a van and spend a year on the road.

Check out Sidney James Beck on Instagram here.

Luke Jarmey

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Luke Jarmey is an incredible adventure photographer who will make you realize you’re not involved in enough extreme sports, and that you’re not living your life close enough to the edge. He captures stunning images of everything from mountain biking to skiing to ice climbing, with athletes achieving such impressive feats, it’ll give you goosebumps. 

He’s great at capturing action, as well as environmental portraits of these athletes in their element. His Instagram will inspire you to climb a mountain, learn how to ski, or at least get you off your couch and exploring outside.

Check out Luke Jarmey on Instagram here.


Screen Shot 2016-08-02 at 19.21.18

Photothug is an adventure photographer who has a knack for capturing the height of action. His images include hikers leaping between rocks, people free-diving with knives in hand and kayakers mid-stroke. His images are bright and vibrant, and remind us of the intensity of the life of an adventure photographer. 

His work also allows us a glimpse at the gear necessary for adventure photographers to succeed – and survive! His Instagram features shots of the equipment he brings in his backpack and cars loaded up with kayaks and gear.

Check out Photothug on Instagram here.

Josh Hummel


Josh Hummel’s adventure photography is, in a word, epic. He’s a mountain runner and adventure photographer based in Boulder, Colorado, and clearly has a lot of experience with adventure sports. His shots are wide, bright and colorful, with the clarity boosted up to bring a ton of detail into the images. His Instagram features adventurers of all types, including hikers, rock climbers, sailors, mountain bikers and snowboarders.

He has a knack for placing his subjects in the perfect spot to juxtapose their bodies against the stunning landscape to make both look even more eye catching. Josh Hummel is the exact person you’d want to have documenting your backpacking or skiing trip because you’d be guaranteed to end up with beautiful, tangible memories of all of the most exciting moments. 

Check out Josh Hummel on Instagram here.

Zeus Outdoors


Zeus Outdoors’ adventure photography is literally jaw dropping. Most of the images take place up in the mountains, in landscapes most of us only dream of ever seeing. The photos are colorful with rich shadows and highlights to make the scenes pop even more. 

Many of the images include people hiking, kayaking or just enjoying the view, which gives the shots and landscapes a sense of perspective. Take a look at Zeus Outdoors’ photography, but be prepared to book a flight across the world, or start planning your own mountain climbing adventure.

Check out Zeus Outdoors on Instagram here.

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