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Summer is upon us and, as always, the annual problem for our generation is finding a good way to spend it. Mixing fun and work is what summer is all about.

This year so far has gifted us with recreational marvels such as the Apple Watch, Beats 1 Radio, and HBO Go. But there’s plenty of new tech that can change both the way we relax and stay productive heading our direction.

Here are 6 hot tech gadgets that would be perfect for a hot summer. Hopefully we’ll be rocking them soon!

WattUp? Never Charge Your Phone Again

Imagine never having to take a second look at your phone’s last red bar ever again or never having to pull-in to charge an electric car’s battery. That’s only a hint of how Wattup, technology that could wirelessly charge our electronics, could change our world.

According to Energous Corporation, the day where we could reap those perks could be soon. WattUp is Energous’ wireless charger for your electronic devices. It can electronic devices such as cellphones and tablets through radio waves which already flow in the air all around us. Wires be gone!

Energous estimates they will be able to release WattUp by next year.


SmartSpot is the Perfect Gym Buddy

SmartSpot reimagines gym equipment and personal training–and by personal, we mean personal. By connecting a Kinect camera to a flat screen, SmartSpot can monitor your workout. It works especially well with weight-lifting by double-checking your postures and angles for optimum posture and workout.

The grand vision is to decouple personal trainers from having to be physically present with their client at all times. A trainer would be able to review the recorded workout videos and give feedback via online and mobile outlets.

For those looking for a perfect workout, let’s hope SmartSpot hits gyms countrywide soon!


PayRange Lets You Use Credit Cards on Vending Machines

Ever wanted a bag of chips from your office vending machine only to find all you’ve got are a couple pennies and a candy wrapper in your wallet? The guys at PayRange know your pain.

The idea of a cashless vending machine isn’t farfetched, but the purpose of PayRange is make any vending machine cashless. PayRange produces a device which plugs into any vending machine and allows it to interact with their app via BlueTooth. Customers can then access the app and make a purchase.

The PayRange device is retrofitted to just about any and all vending machines, meaning even the old clanky one from your office can catch up from the past to sell you all the snacks you need.


Twist Jazzes Up Your Home Like Never Before

Twist is an LED smart lightbulb that can screw into any lamp and doubles up as wireless speakers.

The Twist bulbs are connected to central dimmer and can be programmed from white light to yellow light depending on the time of day, season and weather. And the speakers are by Bose and Sonos manufacturer Tymphany. Just set it up and your smartphone discovers it and instantly connects it to WiFi.

Twist is a great way to set mood lighting with mood music–without having to get off the couch, of course.


LexusHoverboard is Cooled by Liquid Nitrogen–And is Just Plain Cool

Lexus is the latest contestant to throw its lot into the ring of proving the future is actually right now. With hoverboards, of course.

Lexus teased its shot at the hoverboard with the sleekest, coolest design yet. With bamboo surfaces and even a signature Lexus grill, this hoverboard uses “liquid nitrogen cooled superconductors and permanent magnets” to achieve its hover flight. Fancy.

The board is far enough in production to be tested by a skateboarder in Barcelona! Here’s to hoping we get to hover in style soon.


Bartesian is your Robot Bartender

A robot bartender. It just sounds cool.

Meet the Bartesian, the newest kitchen accessory that use K-cup like pods and little glass vials to whip up your favorite alcoholic beverages.  You just plug in a pod with all kinds of carefully concocted mixes and premium juices then pour in your choice of kick: gin, vodka, whiskey, you name it. Bartesian mixes the two together with finesse and the night gets going.


Have any other exciting gadgets youre looking forward to? Share them in the comments below!

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