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We all get into those funks from time to time where every little thing in your life seems to go haywire – you spill a cup of coffee on your favorite shirt, get a flat tire, forget your lunch at home and a new work project is constantly worrying at your thoughts. In times like these, it can be challenging to get the proper sleep and quietude your body and mind need in order to recharge and function at peak condition. Never fear, technology is here! These five wearable gadgets will help you battle stress and take charge of your sleeping schedule to give your mental and physical conditions a much needed helping hand.

1. Fitbit Charge 2


The newest addition to the Fitbit fam comes full equipped with brand new 2 and 5 minute guided breathing exercise under a new mode called “Relax.” Whenever the stresses of the day are getting to you, find a space where you can take a literal breather. Powered by PurePulse, these exercises are also fine-tuned to you based on your heart rate at the time you initiate a session. To help you get into the proper rhythm, the Charge 2 also displays a relaxing inhale-exhale commanded circle on its screen.

2. Muse


The Muse wearable is designed to make meditation super easy. This headband device gives real time feedback and insight to the inner machinations of your brain. Use Muse to reduce symptoms stemming from and related to stress, anxiety and depression so you can get your best piece of mind when seeking relaxation.

3. Bellabeat LEAF


Reach peak tranquility with the beautifully designed Bellabeat LEAF. Use it to guide yourself through mindfulness meditation and track how its helping you become more calm over time. Additionally, it automatically tracks your sleep when your head hits the pillow and helps you form a pattern that ensures deeper, more restful and and refreshing snoozing.

4. Spire


Easily clip on the Spire wearable and watch on its companion app as it measures your breathing in real time. If you haven’t gotten up and moved around in awhile, Spire will let you know. It can also tell if your breaths are too shallow and remind you to take a minute to calm yourself and relax.

5. Misfit Shine 2


Monitor your sleep with the Shine 2 to learn your patterns and how you can get better, more improved rest. The Misfit Shine 2 gets to know your body while you wear it and offers a smart alarm which will gently wake you up when you’re in your lightest stage of sleep. This will have you feeling more refreshed and ready to go than ever.

Feeling at peace yet? Rent the Fitbit Charge 2, Bellabeat LEAF and Misfit Shine 2 from Lumoid!

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