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Surviving without a smartphone in 2015 has to be pretty rough. Seeing as they are responsible for some pretty incredible things, from detecting cancer in children’s eyes, to holding up as the go-to source for traveling, dating apps and just about anything you could think of.

Your smartphone battery should, at the very least, last you until the end of the day. You deserve that much right? We’re not talking about radio signals, but some simple tricks to keep in mind. Here are a few things you can do differently to ensure your phone will survive your busy days.

1) Running Apps: Leave them that Way

One of the first things I remember everyone telling me when I got a smartphone is, CLOSE your apps. Much like everything else in our technology-driven world, this has changed. Repeatedly opening and closing your apps or quitting them will actually drain your battery life more than keeping them running, especially if you plan on opening them up shortly after.

By closing the app, you take the app out of the phone’s RAM. While you think this may be what you want to do, it’s not. When you open that same app again the next time you need it, your device has to load it back into memory all over again. All of that loading and unloading puts more stress on your device than just leaving it alone. Plus, iOS closes apps automatically as it needs more memory, so you’re doing something your device is already doing for you. You are meant to be the user of your device, not the janitor.

2) Dim the Lights

One way to drain your battery is to have keep your screen shining bright. Take a second to dim your screen, or there are even some apps to use, which set the lighting times with the time of day. One for Android is called Twilight, which I am in love with. It not only helps with the battery life, but it is a savior for your eyes, especially when trying to fall asleep. It substitutes blue light for red light, so your eyes are able to adjust better when snoozing comes up.

ways to improve your phones battery life

3) Not Using your GPS? Turn Off Location Services

Sure, the smartphone GPS is the best in a pinch, but it can be draining to your battery as well. If you’re not using it, be sure to turn it off under settings, depending on what phone you have. Since it’s sending data over a network, it is using up your precious battery- so when you’re staying put, switch off location services.

4) Turn Off Automatic Updates & Wi-Fi

I know what you’re thinking…why turn off two great features on your phone. Although free Wi-Fi is a gift in all situations, it is a drain on your poor battery as well. When you can, turn off automatic updates and Wi-Fi whenever possible to give yourself a battery boost.

5) Stop Notifying Yourself So Much

Sure everyone likes a reminder here and there, but when it comes with every app and email, it can get a little excessive- and when it comes to your battery, it’s worth making the change. Consider changing the settings on your phone to manual reminders or even just less of them.

Keeping these quick suggestions in mind will help give your phone an extra kick, and in the end, your battery will thank you.

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