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Technology is taking over our kitchens one gadget at a time. Automation and smart features are at the core of today’s modern culinary-inspired devices, making restaurant quality meals within one’s reach.

Here are five smart kitchen tools that can take your cooking skills to the next level.

1. Drop Smart Scale


Baking is extremely complicated, especially when you have to manage numerous ingredients and exact measurements. The Drop smart scale can instantly turn any novice cook into a flawless baker with interactive recipes, simple scaling features and accurate weighing. With a Bluetooth scale and the Drop app, clean up duty is a breeze. The system automatically adjusts to the ingredients in real-time, which means you only need one bowl to whip up multiple batches of your favorite pies and cookies.

Social sharing features keeps everyone updated on your baking achievements and milestones. The revolutionary gadget lasts for an entire year on a full battery (moderate use).

2. Mellow Digital Sous-vide


Savvy home kitchens demand for the latest appliances. This includes professional tools that you’ll only find in fine-dining restaurants such as a sous-vide. The Mellow digital sous-vide is an approachable, friendly smart device that uses a water bath and a temperature-safe bag to cook refined dishes. Turbo-aged steak, lemon butter infused salmon and perfectly poached eggs are what you can expect to make with the robust unit.

In addition to cooking, Mellow keeps you away from foodborne illnesses by holding ingredients at safe temperatures. Remote monitoring is done through the official app. Feedback and recommendations are provided by the system, as it learns about your eating preferences.

3. PancakeBot


Cynical morning routines can get boring, but not with the PancakeBot. Let your creative juices flow onto your plate by printing quirky pancake designs. The kitchen device comes with an easy-to-use software that lets individuals draw logos, animal characters or random messages. To print a pancake, simply fill the nozzle with batter and load the design into an SD card. The machine does the rest while you make coffee or fry bacon.

4. Cinder Cooker


The Cinder cooker is the ultimate smart cooking appliance that every kitchen needs to have. It’s hard to classify the versatile device because it can sear, stir-fry, reheat and confit. Like most smart gadgets, the entire Cinder experience is controlled through an app. Controls are set with a few taps on the screen, where individuals also receive live notifications about their meals. When it comes to design, the cooking machine captures a very sleek and minimal look. There aren’t any intrusive panels and the cast iron components are incredibly strudy.

5. Smart Countertop

Screen Shot 2015-05-18 at 11.55.41 AM

The Countertop is a functional kitchen tracker that helps you cook food, manage a healthy lifestyle and experiment with new recipes. With automatic food logging features, you’ll never go over your daily calorie limit. This device smoothly syncs with a wide range of gadgets including Jawbone UP, Vitamix and Crock-Pot slow cookers. The smart cooking board and app work together to offer suggestions based on your journey towards healthy living.



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