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Maximize your workouts with these new findings
Guess what? New studies show that there are a few minute changes that you can incorporate in your workout to make it more effective and efficient. We’ve done the research and compiled them all here:

1. Looking for intensity in your workouts? Blast your favorite playlist.


If you’ve ever taken a class, you know just how much of an impact a killer playlist makes. This study had participants complete high-intensity interval workouts on spin bikes in sessions with and without music. Results show that people enjoy grueling workouts more and are more likely to continue with interval training in the future. Make the most of your workouts with these wearables that not only track your goals, but also let you control your music!

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2. A little friendly competition never hurt anyone


Competition no doubt pushes people to try harder. This study delved into an online community to see what motivated participants most to attend the most workout classes. It was found that “social comparison” (competition) pushed them more than social support. These wearables come with a bustling online community where you can track your goals against others and even exchange tips and ideas.57f7d749-f205-4946-8650-965eb82d3082c05dc51c-5fa1-47ee-a3f4-67de04791b1d








3. Recovery may take longer but hanging with friends can help


The endocrine system can be depleted by prolonged, endurance exercise by affected hormones testosterone and cortisol. A new study found that it can take longer to recover from exercise – up to 72 hours for testosterone to return to normal levels. This means that long-distance cyclists and runners would benefit more from taking longer recovery periods before training again. Take the time instead to hang out with friends. Studies like this one have shown that social interaction after working out can help balance hormones more quickly. Stay connected and make plans with these wearables.

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4. Burpees = brainpower


We all know that working out is going to make you feel better afterwards, but a review found that those who exercise more have a significantly lower risk of developing depression. A study found that the least fit were 75% more likely to have been diagnosed with depression than the fittest. Another study showed that exercise can also be effective in treating depression, while another found connections between increased muscle strength and improved brain function in older adults with cognitive impairment. Use these wearables to not make sure you’re making the most of your workouts, but also incorporate breathing exercises and meditation.


5. Exercise can balance out your eating habits


Love carbs? With exercise, you may not have to diet as much as you think. A recent study measured the glucose tolerance and abdominal fat of active, lean, adults before and after they consumed 30% more calories than normal for a week. They found that exercise had a protective effect – for those who worked out consistently, glucose tolerance did not change and fat tissue was protected from the inflammatory changes that usually come from overeating. Use the following wearables to track calories and see for yourself.

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