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The ability to dominate photo gigs and capture magical moments at the blink of an eye should be easily attainable and pain free. You shouldn’t have to break the bank on purchasing lofty camera equipment when you can rather rent the newest and best tech gear from Lumoid. We make “trying-before-you-buy” easy with gear ranging from camera/drones, to wearables and audio gear. Here are the top 5 reasons why people love renting from Lumoid.

1. Most Affordable Prices Around

You’ve probably heard the phrase “We’ve got the best prices in town” numerous times, but at Lumoid, we take affordable rentals to heart. We want our customers to focus on capturing the best imagery rather than the cost it takes to rent a certain camera body. You can rent the new Canon 5D Mark IV for $40/day and a Nikon D810 for $30/day. Say you’ve taken the jump to take on Sony bodies and the new A7RII caught your eye. For $28/day, you can capture excellent low light photos with the Sony body. But, if you like aerial adventures, the DJI Mavic Pro for $45/day will beat any price you see on the market today. We are genuinely interested in your adventures and want to make sure the gear you have is not only priced fairly, but also the perfect match for you!

2. Each Rental Is An Investment Towards Owning With Our Credit Program

The greatest feature about renting from Lumoid is its credit service. When you rent from Lumoid, 20% of your rental goes towards purchase credits. When you’ve accumulated a certain number of credits, you can then use those credits to purchase a camera body or lens. You can choose to use the credit immediately, or accumulate credits from future rentals (for up to the end of the year) towards a purchase. Overall, each rental order you place is an investment towards owning a certain camera body or lens. We want you to invest in yourself!

3. Vast Gear Options

Whether you shoot with Canon, Nikon, or Sony, we make sure to have all your bases covered. With a plethora of bodies, lenses, drones, wearables, and audio equipment to choose from, you won’t be limited with your choices. We constantly keep our inventory up to date with the newest gear on the market, but keep in mind, the newest gear is also the most popular with demand. Feel free to shoot us an email if you see something we don’t have!

4. Pick Up Locations + Photo Experts To Help With Questions

Say you live in San Francisco and New York City and would rather walk into our office to pick up your gear. That is totally attainable as well! We can have your gear prepped and ready to go right as you walk in so that you can get started on your rental ASAP. If you have any questions or concerns, our experts with years of photography and video experience would be more than willing to shed some light (we don’t bite)!

5. We Want to See You Succeed

Our team here at Lumoid truly values your success whether it be photography, videography, or anything in between. We want to setup your future success and by offering affordable and awesome gear rentals, we hope to provide that easy first step. We’d love to hear your experience, so feel free to pop by our office and show us what awesome footage you captured.

If you want to get your hands on the latest and greatest gear on the market today, head over to Lumoid. We make it not only super easy to rent a camera body, drone, wearable, and audio gear, but also super affordable!

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