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It can be tough to eat a healthy lunch during a rigorous workday. Oftentimes, most of us can only spare a quick half hour to scarf something down before getting back to the grind of a 9-5. Due to these time constraints, we often find ourselves grabbing something quick that isn’t necessarily the healthiest option to consume, setting our diet and weight goals back. However, there are some easy, healthy lunch options that are just as tasty as anything you could grab from a takeout place that will actually help you keep your ideal weight on track, and even facilitate weight loss.

Lunches that possess a balance of fibrous carbs, protein and fat will not only keep you fuller and satisfied during the rest of your workday, but can actually help you lose some lbs. That’s right, you can eat healthy carbs and meat and still lose weight! It’s all about balancing nutrients to create lunches that are delicious and nutritious. Once you’ve struck the perfect harmony, you’ll be noshing on these and staying slim in no time. Consider these five lunches for your M-F meal routine, all of which have the perfect macronutrient balance to be filling, tasty and downright good for you:

Hummus & Veggie Sandwich


Get the recipe here.

Protein-Packed Cobb Salad


Get the recipe here.

Avocado Chicken Salad


Get the recipe here.

Mexican Tempeh Quinoa Salad


Get the recipe here.

Baked Salmon with Veggies


Get the recipe here.

Now that you’ve pledged to eat healthier lunches, stay on track and achieve your fitness goals even faster by renting Lumoid’s Fitness Resolution Kit today!

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