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Here are five must have high tech bike gadgets guaranteed to make your summer rides faster, smarter, eco-friendly, safer, and most importantly, more fun.

COBI Smart Bike System

 COBI street - Urban Style Kit 0


COBI claims it’s the first fully integrated customizable system for bikes that turns an average bike into one kick-ass smart-bike complete with: a navigation system, a custom bell, a smartphone holder (water-resistant) and charger, an auto-brake light, and a bike computer. COBI also offers the integration of more than 100 features such as: real-time data, three power supply options, music player, alarm system, online services, social media, fitness interface, and a whole lot more.

COBI is compatible with iOS and Android smartphones (with dedicated app) and offers the system for both standard and e-bikes. The company iCradle began with the development of COBI in the Winter of 2013 in Germany, launched COBI for one month on Kickstarter (with an impressive 66k raised in two days) and is now available for pre-order (starting at $200) online at with delivery expected around this Fall.



Photo: ShareRoller

 Weighing in at only 5.5lbs (2.5kg) with dimensions of 8”x8”x2.8”, the ShareRoller is a portable electric drive kit that can be attached (mount fits almost all bikes) or removed in about 5 seconds from almost anything you ride including road bikes, cruisers, hybrids, cargo bikes, mountain bikes, and even share bikes.

The small size allows the electric drive to be easily transported in your computer bag, briefcase, or handbag. The Share Roller contains 750 Watts of power able to transport you and your bike around at speeds of 20mph+ for about 14-20 miles, with an extended range of 25-36 miles. You can also charge your phone, in fact, according to ShareRoller – you can charge 50+ phones without depleting the battery. Price tag: around $1295. However, you can pre-order the newest version – the ShareRoller V3 – at a discounted rate available soon on Indiegogo.



Photo: Veloloop

 When it comes to waiting for the lights to change on your bike, do traffic sensors get you down? With Veloloop – that is no longer an issue. The Veloloop is a microcontroller-based device that triggers inductive loop sensors (the loop of wire buried in the pavement near a stop sign) for bicyclists. A spoke magnet on the bike’s wheel tells the electronics when the bike has stopped, so the Veloloop knows to start scanning for an inductive loop sensor. Basically, the device lets traffic lights know you’re there. But it won’t actually change the lights for you. Yes, the ability to control traffic lights sounds amazing – but of course – horribly dangerous. To find out more about Veloloop, check out their Youtube channel, Facebook page, or visit

Connected Cycle Smart Pedals



Available on Indiegogo, the Connected Cycle smart pedal prevents theft and automatically records, via GPS, all your bike routes and statistics without using your phone battery. The pedal also includes: antitheft notification, a Data Plan with no extra fees or time limits, a cellular chip system (no need for Bluetooth or Wifi), a cadence recording meter and other new features recently announced on their website. At $189, the Connected Cycle smart pedal comes in a variety of colors and is iOS and Android compatible.

Recon Jet Eyewear



The Recon Jet is heads-up display (HUD) eyewear (or basically, a computer that you wear) aimed at intense sports athletes, more specifically – the avid cyclist. It features: a 1 GHz dual-core ARM Cortex-A9 CPU, GPS and sensors to provide ride data, Glance Detection technology, connectivity to smartphones and third party sensors (i.e. heart monitors), a high-definition camera with microphone and speaker and many more high tech specs. And the design is sleek, beyond futuristic, and just plain cool. The company behind the product, Recon Instruments (recently acquired by Intel for $175M) is based out of Vancouver and builds heads-up displays as well as other smart products for sports and intense environments. Price tag: $699. Go to for more details, specs and any current discounts.

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