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The Apple Watch in and of itself sent the world buzzing. Offering an array of shiny new apps dedicated solely to the device, companies of all sizes as well as individual app designers are climbing over each other to advertise their compatible apps. Here are 5 useful Apple Watch health and fitness apps that promise to help keep doctors, unwanted pounds, and even the cops away.

1. Nike+Running

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The Nike+Running app helps Apple Watch users track and share running distance, time, and pace information with a global community (or just a running nemesis). While hitting the pavement, wearers can listen to music wirelessly with blue-tooth enabled headphones. Want to support a fellow runner? New social features allow wearers to simply send a “cheer” or motivate friends who also use the app. Currently, Nike is creating leader board updates to notify how runners stack up against friends as well as how to train smarter – in the long run of course (sorry had to).

2. Hello Heart


The Hello Heart app actually makes it fun to track blood pressure readings, learn tips to improve your cardiovascular health and organize your overall heart history. The heart hacking app also syncs this information with your medical data, making it easy to access and interpret tests such as lab results. If you already have the Hello Doctor app, Hello Heart automatically updates your existing data and syncs it with the new heart app. Doctors will now be able to access your heart information, tests, prescriptions, and health history all in one place. An app to truly love.

 3. Green Kitchen

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A universal app, Green Kitchen offers vegetarian recipes and other tasty dishes for the health conscious epicurean. The new version includes smart timers that actually know what meal you’re cooking and gives alerts during each step of the recipe process. The alert notification example on the website states, “Your quinoa should have little tails by now.” Need more time? Cooks can add additional minutes directly from the Apple Watch.

4. Deadline

Screen Shot 2015-05-14 at 5.58.54 PM

The Deadline app uses information from Apple’s updated iOS 8 HealthKit SDK (a platform where users store all their health and fitness app data) to predict how long you’ll live. Call it a mini risk analyst. Obviously, due to several variables, no app can truly be accurate in knowing someone’s life expectancy. However, it does help the user change habits that improve their overall health and outlook on life. The Deadline app also suggests tips on how to increase your lifespan like hitting the gym, stop smoking, or love the one you’re with (it doesn’t give that tip, but you should do that anyway).

5. Tabb

Screen Shot 2015-05-14 at 6.00.47 PM

Have I had a few too many beers? Should I drive? The Tabb app offers useful tools to address these questions helping users stay safe (and keep the cops away). The app literally runs a “tab” on how much alcohol you drink. This log allows users to see, in real time, how much they consume and decide whether or not it’s safe to drive. Tabb even plans to install a timer on the Apple Watch app to notify you when it’s okay to get behind the wheel. Ultimately, it is the patron’s responsibility to know when enough is enough, but Tabb helps them to make the decision a little easier.

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