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These days, new fitness methods and routines are popping up faster than you can blink. While some of them are pretty grueling, depending on your choice of exercise, working out can actually be fun and engaging. Instead of dreading your daily or weekly workout, these on-trend workouts can help you look forward to sweating it out and moving towards your goals (which you’ll be tracking of course!). Check out four of the coolest new workout styles and the wearables you can use to record your progress:

1. Aerial Yoga

aerial yogaa

When you attend an aerial yoga class, you’ll be using a set of fabric slings hanging from the ceiling or external apparatus to complete all those bendy moves. While suspended in the air, you will work through a complete routine that will relax and workout both your body and mind while making you feel like you can kick it with the cast of Cirque du Soleil. Causing the least interference with your workout, the Misfit Ray‘s minimalist design will also track your calories burned with specific category tags – like yoga.


2. Barre Classes



If you’ve ever had dreams of being a ballerina, this just might be the routine that fulfills those wishes. Barre-based classes infuse postures taken from ballet with other elements of yoga and Pilates to create a targeted core workout. Using the barre for balance, this workout aims to target particular muscle sets for a more focused exercise routine. To be aware of your heart rate and overall activity status during the class, snapping on a lightweight and sleek Striiv Fusion Bio is the way to go.


3. Aqua Cycling

aqua cyclingg

Scientifically speaking, water workouts are much easier on the joints of the body while giving you the same great cardio benefits as their dry counterparts. Aqua cycling is exactly what it sounds like – you’ll be doing typical spin class activities like sprints and saddle riding to an upbeat soundtrack, but while submerged in a pool for extra resistance, better toning and added fun. Stay motivated along the way with the breathable, coaching Moov Now tracker, which resists both water and dust.


4. Hot Pilates

hot pilates - man

Hot Pilates uses the principles of high-intensity interval training and transfers them to a highly heated room. While you get to work on strengthening your muscles, flexibility and endurance, you’ll also sweat out all the impurities and toxins in your body. The water resistant (read: sweat proof) Fitbit Alta will help you stay in touch with your calories burned and minutes active while you’re at it.


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