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The GoPro Karma is finally back on sale after being on recall for nearly 3 months! With fixes to their battery compartment, GoPro has now ensured that its Karma drone is fully functional and ready to hit the skies “flying.” With GoPro being the founding father of action adventure camera equipment, it was only logical for them to expand to the skies. Here are some neat feats you can accomplish with the GoPro Karma.

Grab N’ Go

Photo via BlessThisStuff

Photo via BlessThisStuff

The Karma was built on the simple GoPro idea of making the world’s most versatile camera. Whether it be on the ground or the air, the Karma was meant for situations where you want to capture an amazing shot. With it’s compact design and built in screen controller, powering on the drone and getting started is simple. You do not have to worry about pairing with your smartphone, but you do have to attach the propellers every time which should only take a few seconds. The grab and go philosophy adapted for the Karma makes it every action adventure enthusiasts a dream come true.

Autonomous Flight Modes

While the Karma does lack certain built in features like ‘Follow-Me’ on the DJI Mavic Pro, the Karma still has awesome autonomous flight patterns like: orbit, cable cam, reveal, and dronie. Whatever you are doing, whether it be barreling down a mountain side or frolicking through the meadows, the Karma will be able to keep up with max speeds ranging close to 35mph!

Hero Accessible 

An awesome feature with the Karma is that is comes supporting a slew of Hero devices such as: Hero5 Black, Hero 5 Session, and Hero4 Black + Silver. With the Hero5 capable of shooting in 4K at 30fps with 12MP stills, it takes beautiful shots! It’s got built-in GPS and voice control so the need for a mobile device to view/sync is thrown out the window. Check out the awesome shots with the Karma and Hero5 Black below!


Detachable Hand-Held Stabilization

Photo via GoPro

Photo via GoPro

The major plus with the Karma compared to the Mavic Pro is the detachable handheld stabilizer that inserts into the drone. Unlike the Mavic Pro where the gimbal is attached to the drone, the 3-axis gimbal for the Karma is completely detachable to throw on your bike, car, or even helmet! Plus, the Hero5 and handheld stabilizer can charge at the same time in addition to offloading your footage without having to un-mount your camera!

Photo via HiConsumption

Photo via HiConsumption

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