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You’re gonna wanna take a seat for this one – a team of Japanese researchers has developed a 3D printed wearable that is an actual chair. That’s right, the brilliant minds of Japan have crafted a chair that you can wear. If this is what the future looks like, then I am all for it. Dubbed the Archelis (which literally translates to “walkable chair” in Japanese), the first ever 3D printed wearable chair was specifically designed to support surgeons through tedious and complex surgical procedures, allowing them to support and rest their muscles while essentially remaining standing.

For those of you having trouble visualizing a wearable chair, the Archelis resembles a leg brace more than it does an actual chair. Equipped with flexible, 3D printed carbon sheets, the Archelis fits around the wearer’s legs and backside and is held in place with Velcro and hook and loop fixtures. The design resulted from an all-star collaboration between Hiroaki Nishimura Design, Chiba University’s Center for Frontier Medical Engineering, Japan Polymer Technology and the mold factory Nitto.

While the Archelis is primarily targeted toward surgeons, the chair wearable could prove quite beneficial for any individual who remains on their feet for lengthy amounts of time because of their job, such as salespeople. The Archelis provides complete support to the muscles in one’s leg, allowing wearers to perform all of their daily activities without any of the discomfort, fatigue or strain of being on one’s feet all day. Essentially, the Archelis enables wearers to perform a motion best described as “walk-sitting,” granting wearers full ambulatory and upright capabilities while relaxing and supporting their legs to the point where it’s really more akin to sitting down.

Everyone, even surgeons, should have the option to take a load off while at work, and the Archelis is designed to allow them to do just that, while still being able to perform their essential and live-saving duties. Just as cubicle rats are told that sitting too long isn’t healthy or beneficial, standing too long is the same thing. With a release date eyed for some time this summer, the Archelis could bring a bit of relief to those who are on their feet all day long.

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