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The body reveals what words cannot. ~ Martha Graham

This quote truly sums up the theory behind a new ethereal-looking 3D headpiece that changes color to reflect your mood. The Neurotiq illuminating brain cap, created by the company Sensoree, is the latest technology in the world of brain scanning and 3D printing. According to Ecouterre, “the Neurotiq brain cap uses brain scans from an EEG sensor to light up LED lights inside a 3D printed mesh. Different colors express varying brain states – from red when you’re sleepy to light blue when you’re relaxed and purple when you’re excited.”

Sensoree Founder, and future concepts designer, Kristin Neidlinger has a mission: to create technology that elevates and expands physical embodiment. With a MFA degree in Interaction Design from California College of the Arts and a background in kinetic costumes, dance and physical therapies, Neidlinger took all of her education and training and began exploring how wearable computers could be emotive and therapeutic to enhance sensory awareness. This insatiable curiosity of hers birthed Sensoree.


According to their website, “Sensoree began as MFA design research to create wearable technology to augment Sensory Processing Disorder, a condition which ranges from ADHD to autism.” Neurotiq is one of many projects through the wearable tech platform. It works with an Emotiv Epoc EEG brain sensor and has 14 points that monitor brain waves, as well as 14 3D printed light points called globules. The colors respond to Delta, Theta, Alpha, Beta and Gamma brain states.

Delta (deep sleep) is red, Theta (meditation) is orange, Alpha is teal green, Beta (consciousness) is blue, and Gamma is a multi-sensory brain state, so it is blue, purple and red. The colors give a translucent glow that is both technologically inspiring and profoundly beautiful.



The technology has garnered worldwide attention, being featured at healthcare and technology conferences, fashion shows (Neurotiq made it’s debut at New York Fashion Week 2014), museums and other future visionary platforms such as the Sensoree Spa NeurotiQ.


This sensory spa is an experiential journey where participants wear the tech fashion piece during a yoga/meditation session. After 10 minutes, a “Mind Map” or a colorful visualization of brain activity is showcased at the end. Neidlinger is currently touring on exhibit with Futurotextiles 3. For more information, visit Sensoree or @sensoree.

All photos courtesy of Sensoree.

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