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Selfie sticks. White linens. Rustic barns. Pets. Gold everything. In 2015, there were definite trends that stuck out in the photography world – ones that even Instagram photographers could recognize and appreciate. But heading into 2016, there are new terms and styles coming en vogue which seasoned pros will employ into their lifestyle, portrait, wedding and headshot photography. These are what photographers are being asked for by their clients, and what they are looking forward to experimenting with in the coming year. With that in mind, I spoke with Jessica Keener, of Jessica Keener Photography in Seattle, WA, about what trends we can look forward to in 2016.

Lumoid: Hi Jess! Tell us a bit about you: how did you find your love for photography, and what are you primarily interested in shooting?

Jessica Keener: I have always been a visual person and have spent my life documenting most everything I do. I found my love of photographing people after college, and portraits have become the main thing that I shoot. I also very much enjoy traveling, exploring nature and photographing those places.

Screen Shot 2016-02-15 at 1.50.55 PM

Photo by Jessica Keener Photography

Tell us about what inspires you during a photoshoot – what is your aesthetic?

JK: I’m inspired by my surroundings and exceptional light. People inspire me as well. My motto is always to photograph people as their best selves.

Screen Shot 2016-02-15 at 1.51.55 PM

Photo by Jessica Keener Photography

What are some of the major trends you saw in lifestyle, wedding and/or portrait photography in 2015, and what can we look forward to in 2016?

JK: A few trends I have been inspired by in the last year are gender blending, wanderlust and authentic portraits. I’m looking forward to growing more as an artist, visiting more places and taking inspiration from my surroundings in 2016. The world is my oyster!

Photography by Jessica Keener Photography

Photography by Jessica Keener Photography

Can you explain what you mean by gender blending, wanderlust and authentic portraits?

JK: Wanderlust is fueling the love for travel and exploration. Gender blending is challenging gender stereotypes and being the person you want to be, whether that is with or against cultural norms or standards. Authentic portraits are natural portraits, or being the true “you!”


Photography by Jessica Keener Photography

Photography by Jessica Keener Photography

What are you most looking forward to as you grow your business in 2016?

JK: In addition to portraits and weddings, I’m actually starting a new business in 2016 [which is] photographing luxury real estate for their listings worldwide. I will be teaming up with a videographer doing drone footage (a huge trend right now), video walkthroughs and stills of the homes and the destinations where they are located. Big things on the horizon in 2016.

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