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They say laughter is the best medicine, but clearly those people were never starving and hangry from trying to lose weight on an unfulfilling diet. Still, when you can’t shove food down your throat, lest you undo all of your hard word, laughter is the next best option. Hell, it might even help you burn a few extra calories. If you feel yourself slipping while trying to begrudgingly stick to a diet from hell in order to not look like a repulsive slug on the beach this summer, know that you’re not alone. These hilarious and all too true quotes about dieting and weight loss prove that we’re all in the same boat. If you laugh loud enough, you might even drown out the sound of your own stomach crying out in agony for gluten.

1. The Last Resort Weight Loss Strategy

2. When You Know It’s Too Good to Be True

3. The Harsh Reality About Cleanses

4. Putting Things Into Perspective

5. If Only It Were This Easy

6. Pizza v Celery: Dawn of Hunger

7. Because the Government Is Watching

8. You’ve Got a Frenemy in Me

9. Exposing Kale for the Vile Weed It Is

10. Is Cannibalism Still Un-Kosher?

11. Sabotage!

12. Because You Need Something to Take the Edge Off

13. Little Monsters

14. Fighting Temptation

15. Every. Single. Time.

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