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The launch of the iPhone 6S paved the way for several important smartphone upgrades. One of these revolutionary updates is 3D Touch. Like Force Touch on the Apple Watch and the new MacBook Pro, pressing a tad bit longer on specific areas of the screen will open up an array of eye-opening activities.

Instead of furiously smudging up your brand new phone with your greasy fingers, we’ve highlighted 12 of the flashiest things you can do with the touch-and-go feature. If you’re looking for a reason to pick up the new iPhone 6S (do you really need one?), this might be it.

12 Game-changing 3D Touch Features


  1. Preview emails: Pressing on an email in your stock Mail inbox will launch a preview of the message. Release your finger and the email disappears. Sifting through your flooded inbox in the morning just got easier!


  1. Selfies: Take a selfie on the go by long-tapping the camera icon. This opens up a short menu of quick snapping and recording options.


  1. Play that tune: The iOS music app has its own 3D Touch feature. Pressing it launches search and instant play without needing to dive into an extensive library of music.


  1. Dropbox: One of the few third-party apps to enable the pressure-sensitive option. Toggle search recently updated files directly from the home menu (useful if you’re sharing folders over the cloud platform at work).


  1. Keyboard editing: Missed a word in the middle of your message? Are your fat fingers always highlighting the wrong phrase? Now you can press and drag to the exact location of your typo. As a bonus, the keyboard turns fuzzy to let you know that you can navigate through the field.


  1. Evernote: 3D Touch screams productivity, which is why it makes sense for Evernote to be all over it. The option lets you quickly create a new note, take a snapshot and set reminders.


  1. Shazam: Shazaming the hell out of the app’s icon lets you make instant music searches.


  1. Apple Maps: Probably one of the most useful 3D Touch menus, especially when you’re on the road. The pop-up includes marking and sending locations, as well as directions for getting home.


  1. Preview links: Like peeking at emails, you can now long press a link in Safari and it will show you a bit more of the page. Pressing harder will take you to the destination of the URL. 


  1. Lockscreen magic: Animated lockscreens could be making a comeback, now that you can control the annoying loop clip. Long-tapping the screen when the device is on standby triggers the animation to play. Setting this option on prevents battery drainage.


  1. Share images: Pressing on an image in the stock Photos app releases the following list of commands: copy, share, favorite and delete. The nifty action also works with videos (comes with preview playback). 


  1. Instagram: The leading social media photos app has some useful 3D Touch features for its dedicated, nail-biting power users. You could create a new post, view your activity and search for images with one tap.

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