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Tired of your boring, monotonous coffee-making routine? Below are 10 technologically advanced coffee machines that can help you jump-start your day.


  1. Brazen Connected Brew System

Behmor’s latest coffee maker is built for the Internet of Things lifestyle. Individuals can control the unit using a mobile app via Bluetooth. Configurations include, temperature, volume and pre-soak time.

“The brew system presents an opportunity for consumers to move away from 40-year-old ‘technology’ to a new paradigm for increasing their coffee pleasure. Adding DADO to our connected brewer makes our great system that much smarter,” said Behmor President Joseph Behm.


  1. Clip Clip by Hay

Sometimes innovation is a combination of two simple, essential items. This minimal coffee tool is a spoon with a clip attached on the back for your favorite bag of beans.


  1. Top Brewer

The Top Brewer coffee maker is worth $15,000. It features digital, wireless controls and the world’s smallest milk foamer. The unit looks like a sleek coffee faucet, designed to blend in with modern kitchen layouts.


  1. Piamo Espresso Maker

Making an espresso is a lot of work. With the Piamo espresso maker, you could make one in 30 seconds using a microwave. During the process, the build up of heat in the spinning chamber presses water into the tiny cup.


  1. Zoku

Instant iced coffee. That’s all you need to know about this morning beverage holder. It works on other types of drinks too, like tea or milk, but ultimately made for coffee.


  1. The Handpresso Wild

For bike enthusiasts, the Handpresso Wild bridges their passion for manual pedaling and coffee. The 16-step process requires you to spend a bit of time and effort on your morning routine. Don’t throw away the manual, you might need it the first few times you use the device.


  1. Barresiur

The Barresuir can help you eliminate the hazy period between the time you wake up and have your first sip of coffee. Doubling as an alarm clock and coffee maker, you’ll be greeted with the calming aroma of a fresh brew every morning.


  1. Minipresso

If the Handpresso Wild was too much for you, check out the Minipresso. It has the same portable, all-in-one coffee maker concept. To prevent getting burned while pouring your hot beverage in a cup, the device uses a friendly press-and-go mechanism.


  1. 1600 Connected Drum Coffee Roaster

Roasters are a staple in every coffee lover’s kitchen. Behmor recently upgraded their iconic line with the release of the 1600 Connected Drum Coffee Roaster. It boasts new app controls, powered by Dado Labs. The new digital features allow you to closely monitor each session with your smartphone.

“The app can control many features in the roaster, so over time I would expect updates to the app to control even more capabilities of the roaster, especially as home roasters log some hours and voice their input,” highlighted Todd Larrabee, Behmor rep and Boyd’s Coffee business development manager.



Most coffee fans like roughing it out. Unsurprisingly, there’s a coffee machine that can withstand drops, rust and the full weight of a car. The COFFEEBOXX is the ultimate companion for rugged living. It’s perfect for dangerous jobsites and camping. With the 2.5L water pack that comes with the unit, you’ll have more than enough coffee for the day.

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